Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jay gives his "Two Bits"

We have two bits here:

This bit Jay custom made for a gray horse we have. He went out and measured his mouth every which way. It's just too pretty to use when they kids are riding him around the house, so it sits on a shelf in the living room (Shaynes's Shrine with all of his awards)
Jay also handmade the chains. Clamping down each one individually with pliers. Take note of the chin strap and the bit stand. The buttons are made from scraps of damascus and forged with a hammer.
Jay has made Trudy's barrel horse and Chance's horse bits also. But not this fancy

Bit #2
This bit Jay started last fall for Shayne. It is totaling damascus steel (except for the chain).
The bit stand is the same.

Each ring is also handmade
Jay takes a file and files the roller by hand

His stamp. Amazing welds

Jay mailed this up to us in June after he completed it and decided he wasn't coming up for the summer. He said he wasn't driving anymore. Shayne offer to take him to get groceries, He said "I didn't get this old depending on other people" typical Jay Sharp

He made this bit when he was 89 years old. Yes. He is an amazing man

Side Note: I can't even remember the names and of artists of these bits. Yet, a man twice my age can produce them. I feel a need to try a little harder. A need to be a better person. How about you?