Friday, February 18, 2011

Tools For Sale

I have two S-7 pritchels @ $70.00
One left handed hoof knife @ $95.00

prices include shipping (lower 48 only)
These are brand new, never used
Shayne has made 25 pritchels in the last 5 years and all but these 2 went to Japan.
I saw someone was auctioning a 'left handed Shayne Carter sole knife' online and it looked like it was heavily used, but still selling it for $125.00
Contact me by email
first come, first served

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mustad Nail

Shayne went to Stoneleigh UK for the Mustad Champion of Champions last week.

All of the World Champion Blacksmiths were in attendance except Bill Poor his mother was seriously injured in an accident. It was a quick contest, lasting for only two classes. They made a roadster of course and the live shoeing. The premise was, as if in a Highlander movie

"There Can Only Be One"

The winner would receive 5000 pounds to the charity of their choice.
Shayne selected Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund
It is a scholarship fund designed for fallen soldiers children.

What an event to see the likes of Dave Duckett, Bob Marshall, Grant Moon , Billy Crothers, Craig Trnka and the like all together.

Each of the contestants were suppose to bring an auction item.
Earlier in the day, Shayne approached Justo Delblanco and told him he wanted to start a nail business and asked him if he could give him any recommendations.
Shayne said he gave him "a roll your eyes-oh no another company to buy-out look"
Then he took his sample out of his pocket...

Needless to say, he bought the Damascus nail at the auction.
It brought a whopping 1500 pounds (can't find the pound symbol on the keyboard). That would be approx $2500.
The money from the auction also went to the charities of the competitors.
Since There Was Only One
Every one else placed second
Paul Robinson (Ireland) won and Shayne said it was rightly deserved.
For more info try:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great News! Jay Sharp DVD's

Alice Johnson to the rescue! I have been so afraid that the knowledge Jay has will not be preserved. But alas, Alice has been visiting Jay in Vegas. She was a student of Jay's way back in the day and is a great friend too. She has taped and edited Jay working and is selling FOUR DVDs of Jay working.

Jay Sharp Spurs $35.00

The Great Pry Bar $15.00

Jay Sharp Tongs $35.00

Edward Martin and A Wee Glimpse of Greatness

A portion of all sales will go to competition and clinics. Jay's DVD sales will go towards the JAY SHARP Invitational
Edward Martin's portion of sales will go to EMP Edward Martin Perpetual in Grass Valley CA
To order any and all of these please contact Alice at: or by phone (408) 590-7386

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Jay Sharp cowboying around 1952

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jay Sharp Birthday Party!!

Harry Patton will be hosting the 5th Annual
Jay Sharp Invitational Farrier Forging and Match Play.
Shayne will be the judge and clinician
The date is March 27th and 28th 2010
Salinas CA

This will also be a birthday party for Jay. He will be turning 90 on February 23.

Jay's creations of shoes, tools, bits, spurs and miniatures will be on display

Info: Mike Deleonardo (831) 262-8898

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Candelabra 2009

For this year's family gift swap, Shayne did a variation of a candle holder. He made two. A set to hang on the wall and a set to put on a table or shelf.

The finish he applied with his hammer

The actual candle holder was pretty cool and very sharp to the touch

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Caulk and Feather Roadster

These are photos of the Caulk and Feather Roadster specimen shoe for the WCB Clinic and Contest held in Denver January 9