Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jay Sharp

So Every fall when Jay goes back to Las Vegas to live with his son
we wonder if he'll be back.
For 3 years we didn't think he would be back because he is getting up there in age, he is 89 after all.
Well, this year was the year.
He decided to stay in Vegas.
And I miss him.

Jay has been spending summers with us since 1999.
He is brilliant
A true living legend

Jay at Shayne's shop in Draper 2004

Shayne and Jay have not made tools for over 5 years now.
Jay has been working on bits and spurs from the 15th century - present
stuff he's been wanting to do for 40 years.
I'm not bugging him to make hammers
Sooo if you see a Jay Sharp hammer for sale

The Bits and Spurs Jay has been reproducing have been made as the craftsman had made them back then. He makes tools for the tools. They are absolutely brilliant. His attention to detail is astounding, you would think Jay's eyesight would be a little shaky. Not any worse than a 40 year who has to hold the pill bottle at arm's length to read the fine print.
I guess I better start off slow so his creations don't fry your brain
So Jay got on a kick of making these bits and spurs out of old rasps

If you can zoom in on the details. His precision is amazing. Even the stand for the bit is a piece of art.

Makes an interesting pattern. I should have written down the names of the bits when he gave them to us

Spurs made out of rasps. Two different patterns. These are actually "useable" spurs. Some of the ones he replicated had rowels on them that were 8-12 INCHES ouch those mean Spaniards

So Cool

One thing Jay does not do is make damascus. So Shayne supplies him and he creates. Check out the buttons. He makes everything.

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updated Photos WCB Raffle Knife

It's true.
Shayne is good at everything.
These are the pic's he had taken.